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About Freedom Cells

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Why Freedom Cells?


Because Democrats don’t have a monopoly on community organization!

Our nation is in distress! Has the United States reached a point of no return? Can America be saved? Patriots everywhere are asking the same question: What can we do? We are aware of the need, and are prepared to commit to doing what we must do to take our country back. Freedom Cells are self-organizing groups of like-minded patriots that are committed to a bold, comprehensive, transformational plan to restore federalism, to restore national sovereignty, to restore individual liberty, to restore limited government, and to unleash free-market capitalism.


The Albert Plan to Save America: 2020 Edition

In his book, The Albert Plan to Save America: 2020 Edition, Dan Albert issues a call to action for 30 million patriots to organize or join Freedom Cells in order to move as one and speak as one. The silent majority must become the clamoring majority. We the People must clamor for immediate, specific action to restore the balance of powers intended by our founders and to free our people to enjoy personal and economic liberty.

Freedom Cells as Freedom Caucus of the Republican Party


Freedom Cells must function as the "Freedom Caucus" of the Republican party so that we may transform the Republican Party. Join the Freedom Cell-USA group, as well as the Freedom Cell for your state and congressional district in order to show strength in numbers. An important function of this website is to provide members the opportunity to create or join Freedom Cells (groups) for each local precinct, state house district, state senate district or county in order to dominate the precinct reorganization process of the Republican Party and to recruit candidates that align with our mission and to hold them accountable.


Freedom Cell Survey

The Freedom Cell Survey is an important tool that we can have in our toolbox for not only getting on the same page as members of Freedom Cells, but also to use in vetting candidates and holding them accountable. Know your Freedom Cell Survey number, or the percentage of the survey that you agree with, and seek greater agreement, when possible. The Freedom Cell Survey is a synopsis of The Albert Plan. Know the plan, your reasons for agreeing with specific points, and promote the plan!

Freedom Cell Meetings

Each one of us that conducts our own “Campaign of One,” is at liberty to gather with a small group of friends or neighbors, or some other affinity group. We can collaborate with other patriots to organize Freedom Cell meetings with dozens, hundreds, or even thousands of Freedom Cell members in any manner that makes sense. Use the Freedom Cell Survey as a starting point to have “come, let us reason together” discussions in pursuit of greater consensus so that We the People can pull on the same end of the rope together, despite our differences of opinion.

If we don’t take our country back, who will? If not now, when? Is there not a cause? When the people fear the government, there is tyranny, but when the government fears the people, there is liberty. May we restore our lost liberty to our great nation!


The strength of the Constitution lies entirely in the determination of each citizen to defend it. Only if every
single citizen feels duty-bound to do his share in this defense are the constitutional rights secure.

-Albert Einstein

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